At the start of Lockdown in March 20, I was introduced to Superblends by my dear friend and colleague; nutritionist Denise Kelly. She wanted to find an easy solution that would help all of her client's health during this challenging time and put together 6 brilliant Super Food Superblends that can be easily added to drinks and food in one easy scoop giving you a multitude of nutritional benefits to help with hormone balance, immunity, energy levels, stress levels, blood glucose balance; the list is endless...

I have been trying out these Superblends over the last year and have found them extremely effective in helping with stress, sleep, muscle ache, weight control, bloating and hormone balance and I can feel the difference when I am not having them!

Please check out the videos below to see how nutritionally packed these Superblends are and how they can help you.  All Superblends are suitable for vegans and 100% organic and natural with only the best ingredients. Each pouch contains 30 servings.

  • Shield - to boost the immune system

  • Super - to boost overall health

  • Slim - to increase your metabolism & help achieve your weight loss goals

  • Skin - to give you gorgeous, glowing skin

  • Sleep - to help you relax and get a good night's sleep

  • Sweet - to help you feel energised with an anti-oxidant boost

Superblends retail at £27.95 each, but if you are a BCS Member contact me fora great discount!