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Face to face classes:
09:00am Monday Matwork Pilates
09:00am Thursday Small Equipment Pilates at Bersted Jubilee Hall 
18:15pm Monday Matwork Pilates
at the Laburnum Centre 
One to One sessions also available


Classes face to face and online with Zoom.

Exercising online is a lot easier than you think and the instructor can see you clearly from a large monitor allowing correction and individual attention. 

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Nutritional Fitness
Face to Face teaching at
Bersted Jubilee Hall
Mondays 09:00-09:45
Thursday 09:00-09:45

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What is mindful fitness?

We feel and perform our best when our minds and bodies are synchronised.  Mind and body training such as Pilates and yoga incorporates movement with the breath and gives us a focus as we exercise. Focusing on the breath will also aid relaxation by breathing more slowly and deeply.  By holding our focus during training, it will give our minds a rest from the constant bombardment of thoughts that can cause stress and anxiety. Clearing our minds regularly for short periods of time can have a very positive impact on our mental health.  It will improve concentration and strengthen our coping mechanism. This combined with strong muscles that support our posture and alignment provides a powerful partnership allowing us to live our lives to the full.

Body Central Studio offers a variety of online classes to improve core strength and mental focus. Classes are taught over Zoom and face to face; offering a personal and flexible approach to it's members. Group and one to one training is available along with specialist courses in back management and antenatal exercise.

Owner Christina Donoghue, attended the Arts Educational Schools in London where she trained in all styles of dance along with singing and acting.  It was during this time that she discovered the Joseph Pilates Technique commonly used by dancers to help strengthen the core and avoid injury. After a career on the stage for several years, Chris retrained and became a fitness instructor where she worked as the Health and Fitness Co-ordinator at Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester.  Here she started the first mental health exercise scheme in the area in association with Graylingwell, that later developed into the GP Referral and she was one of the first instructors in the country to gain the Phase IV Cardiac Rehab Qualification!  She lectured in Personal Training at Chichester College and Chichester University and was a founder Director of Fitness Inspired Teacher Training.  Chris first trained at the Michael King Pilates Institute; she has been teaching Pilates in the Bognor Regis and Chichester area for over 20 years along side many types of exercise  from aerobics instructor to personal trainer, from antenatal client to cardiac rehab patient!  However, it is the mind and body disciplines that she is most passionate about, and enjoys sharing the benefits with her clients that attend classes on a regular basis - some for 20 years! 

More recently Chris has completed her training as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor with Lydia Campbell.  These classes have brought great benefits to the timetable allowing participants to release tight restrictive connective tissue (fascia) improving stiffness and pain along with improved energy and mood.


In class, the focus is on correct posture, good alignment, smooth slow movement control, sequencing of muscle activation and correct breathing.  This promotes a stronger body, core stability, better co-ordination, improved range of movement, prevention  of injury and gives a greater feeling of connecting the mind to the body.  We have a better understanding of how we should feel when our bodies are moving correctly and this in turn improves mental focus and teaches  us how to relax!


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For the price of one studio class you can have lifetime access to a BCS Class Video to use at home.


 Group Sessions

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Antenatal Exercise

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Membership to Body Central Studio is free with no administration fees, you will need to sign up by clicking the 'Join Now' button below in order to book classes. When you have signed up, please ensure that you complete and submit the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) by clicking the PAR-Q button ; you will be unable to participate in a class until this has been done.


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Pay as you go Membership

Each class is  a flat rate of £7.00 payable at point of booking either by bank transfer or through Paypal. (Please contact me for bank transfer details).

1 Month Unlimited Class Pass

If you will be attending 2 or more classes per week; you can by a monthly pass for access to all classes on the timetable for just £45.00! The pass is valid for one month from the day of purchase. Please email to purchase one.

Due to limited spaces, all classes should be booked and paid for in advance to avoid disappointment! Please choose the Paypal payment option if you do not have Unlimited Membership.



As a retired doctor & with a lifelong interest in fitness & exercise classes, I would like to say I think Christina’s classes are excellent.  She provides a safe opportunity for exercising the whole body for a range of abilities.  She supervises  us carefully and is clearly audible.  They are the best classes I have ever attended.

Sandra Sedgwick FRCGP MMed Ed

I have suffered with chronic shoulder and neck pain and began Pilates to manage my symptoms. I have been attending Chris's class every week for 8 years because through her individulised teachingI have felt vast improvements.  Chris teaches each exercises with precision and ensures close supervision to make sure that each exercise gives maximum benefit.  I feel mobilised and 2 feet taller when I leave her class!

I have attended many yoga classes, but no teacher ever before has taken the time to ensure the correct set up for each posture and positioning throughout the practise.  Chris supervises and instructs very closely and to a level I have not experienced elsewhere.

Hannah Chadwick

I have tried a number of different Pilates teachers but so far Christina's classes have been the best. I really like that she provides adaptations for different levels of expertise. I also like that she offers timely reminders about posture which ensure that I am getting the most from the exercise in a safe way.
Carol Schofield

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